Residential Panels & Keypads
Elk M1-Gold central control panel with a standard 16 zones
Elk M1-Gold
Elk M1EZ8 central control panel with a standard 8 zones
Elk M1EZ8
Elk M1KP Keypad that operates an Elk M1-Gold panel
Elk M1KP Keypad
Elk M1KP2 Keypad that operates an Elk M1EZ8 panel
Elk M1KP2 Keypad
Elk M1KPAS Economic keypad wall fixture mount
Elk M1KPAS Economic ke...
Commercial Panels & Keypads
Honeywell 128FBP control panel (control panel only, accessories sold seperatly) for commericial facilities with printer capabilities.
Honeywell 128FBP contr...
Honeywell 32FBP central control panel (only control panel, other accessories sold seperatly) for commercial facilities.
Honeywell 32FBP contro...
Honeywell 6160 CR2 keypads that control the Ademco commercial panels.
Honeywell 6160 CR2 Key...
ElkGuard & Accessories
ElkGuard system to protect a home under construction with the contract of buying a security system.
ElkGuard keypad
ElkGuard Keypad
ElkGuard Keyfob
ElkGuard Keyfob
ElkGuard Motion detector
ElkGuard Motion Detect...
ElkGuard Mini Door & Window contacts to protect the perimeter of the area of protection.
ElkGuard Mini Door & W...
ElkGuard Universal Door & Window contacts
ElkGuard Universal Doo...
ElkGuard Emergency pendant of wearing around the neck in case of emergency.
ElkGuard Emergency Pen...
ElkGuard Doorbell can asist in being notified if someone is at your residence.  If you are living in one section of a home under construction this can be very helpful for individuals coming and going.
ElkGuard Doorbell
Speakers & Strobes
Elk 12 Watt inside speaker for sound and/or two-way voice.
Elk 12 Watt Inside Spe...
Elk 30 Watt outside speaker for sounder and notification.
Elk 30 Watt Outside Sp...
Elk 40 Watt outside speaker for security system.
Elk 40 Watt Ouside Spe...
Elk Strobe lights are placed on the bottom of the outside speaker (if the customer wishes) to notify emergency vehicles of the physical location.
Elk Strobe Lights
Elk Strobe light in which the strobe is mounted on the side of a building or home.
Elk Strobe Light Wall ...
Keyfobs/Wireless Devices
Keyfobs are used to arm and disarm the system from outside the home. Keyfobs can also be used as panic buttons.
Elk M1 Proxy card readers that are swiped over the keypad to arm and disarm the system.
Elk M1PRF Proxy card
Elk M1PRC Proxy card to swipe over the keypad or door entry.
Elk M1PRC Proxy Card
Elk wireless receiver is opearted by the main control panel and allows users to arm and disarm the system from a keyfob.
Elk Wireless Receiver
Honeywell Wireless Door & Window contacts for a Honeywell control panel.
Honeywell Wireless Doo...
GE NX650 Wireless Window & Door contacts used for GE control panels that need wireless counterparts.
GE NX650 Wireless Wind...
Driveway Alerts are compatible with the Elk M1-Gold system.  They announce
Driveway Alert Monitor
Fire Protection
System Sensor smoke detectors are placed throughout the home or business and are connected to the control panel.  Our smoke detectors let the control panel known in the time of a cleaning or change.
System Sensor Smoke De...
System Sensor heat detector is placed in an area where high tempratures exceed normal inside tempratures.  These heat detectors are normally placed in a garage or kitchen.
System Sensor Heat Det...
System sensor carbon monoxide detector placed in a home or business to obtain the smell of carbon monoxide.
System Sensor Carbon M...
The System Sensor maintenance module check the smoke detectors to make sure that they stay in calabration.  The control panel will notify the central station if the need arises.
System Sensor Maintena...
Motion Detectors & Contacts
Honeywell motion detectors to catch movement inside of a home or outside of a business.
Honeywell Motion Detec...
Door & window contacts that control when a door is closed or open for security features with alarm system.
Door & Window contacts
Power Supplies
Elk batteries that operate and are placed in the central control panel.
Elk AC Transformer for control panel.
Elk AC Transformer
Elk's Low battery cutoff & power switch that is placed inside the control panel.
Elk Low Battery Cutoff...
Central Vacuum
The NuTone VX1000 central vacuum kit installed in homes make cleaning easy.
NuTone VX1000 Central ...
Nutone Hose kit for central vacuum system include floor sweeper and carpet sweeper.
NuTone Central Vacuum ...
The NuTone central vacuum vacpan has made cleaning simple.  The floor pan is simply installed underneath sinks and in kitchen to make clean up fast.
NuTone Central Vacuum ...